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ITC Compliance
Tuesday 7th April 2020 8:52pm
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Product Providers

ITC have a long history of working with product providers indeed many see this as an ideal way of maintaining their ability to deal with their clients without the need to either appoint them themselves or lock them into a restrictive contract. Restrictions at the outset may seem like a great idea but without an ever expanding market product range this approach can risk losing hard won relationships as clients become restless and look for fringe alternatives. We have had many organisations join our network from product providers, not because they are unhappy with the main product but because they want to add some specialist products that their providers canít, wonít or doesnít carry.

If you are a product provider and would like to discuss how ITC can support your network of clients, add in bespoke training for your products and add value to your offering why not get in touch...

... Remember you can still lock your clients in to your products a simple commercial agreement with them is all it takes and most importantly, ITC do not offer products, thatís your job!

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