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ITC Travel Compliance
Tuesday 7th April 2020 7:52pm
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Welcome to Travel Compliance...

Since FCA Regulation for the majority of the travel sector came into force in January 2009, ITC has established itself as the leading one-stop shop for travel compliance. We now help over 900 UK-based travel agent and tour operator sites to comply with FCA Regulation and in the process improve their insurance penetration, save time and benchmark their performance against similar sites.

Let's be absolutely frank: to many, compliance is a necessary evil and a chore. One of the reasons for our success is that we ease the pain and free up your time to focus on more lucrative activities. So, what are the alternatives for travel agents and tour operators?

  1. Become fully authorised in your own right (very few firms have chosen this route due to the cost, complexity and risk)
  2. Stop selling insurance altogether (and risk losing customers as a result)
  3. Become an Appointed Representative or Introducer Appointed Representative of a Product Provider (with restrictions on what you can sell)
  4. Become an Appointed Representative of an Independent Network - ITC

The pros and cons of each route are detailed here

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